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Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr

FridaY 12/14/18

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CLASSWORK to make up if absent.  The scenario is that a friend of yours came to you because they know you are in Financial Algebra and have been studying loans.  Your friend is thinking of going to Title Max to take out a title loan.  So your task is to investigate the TitleMaxWebsite and write down 10 (ten) things you investigate from the website that will help your friend.  Here are some examples of things that are NOT acceptable since they aren't helpful or they don't display investigating effort.

BAD EX #1:   TitleMax is a quick, convenient way to get cash (not informative and is just a claim of TitleMax, not a proven fact).

BAD EX #2:  Needs to be paid back with interest (we know that - not helpful).

BAD EX #3:  TitleMax charges very competitive interest rates (a claim of TitleMax - not helpful and not proven).

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