Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr
Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr

CORE Quiz Topics

1.  Perimeter and area of rectangle, triangle, circle.

2.  Graph lines in y=mx+b format as well as x= (vertical) & y= (horizontal).

3.  Solving equations showing work on both sides.  Rounding answers to integer, tenth, or hundredth.

4.  Name a ray 2 ways.

5.  Name the relationship (words) and solve equations with linear pair, vertical angles, complementary.

6.  Write the equation of a line given 2 points.

7.  State angle relationship (words) and solve for x with parallel lines and a transversal.

8.  Construct a perpendicular bisector.

9.  Construct angle bisetor.

10. Link letter statements (A -> ~B) using and explaining with inverse, contrapositive, and converse.

11. Write equations of lines parallel and perpendicular (including x= and y=) given the y-intercept.

12.  Triangle sum with numbers and/or variables finding x and/or angles.

13.  Filling in the last congruency mark and writing a congruency statement (or not congruent).

14.  Construct a triangle by ASA (protractor and ruler).

15.  Determine whether or not 3 line segments can form a triangle.

16.  Draw a centroid using a ruler.

17.  Multiple angle problems with parallel lines, isosceles triangles, etc.

18.  Reflect points across vertical (x=) and horizontal (y=) lines.

19.  Use protractor and straight edge to rotate a point.

20.  Given a rule, translate a triangle.

21.  Solving proportions requiring distribution.

22.  Using SSS to determine if a triangle is similar.

23.  Multi-level similar triangle problems.

24.  Given a right triangle find area and perimeter - Pythagorean theorem will be required.

25.  Find ratios using SOHCAHTOA.

26.  Determine side length using SOHCAHTOA.

27. Determining central angles.

28.  Determining inscribed angles.

29.  Graphing a circle from the equation.

30.  Finding surface area and volume of a cone.

31.  Finding surface area and volume of a rectangular prism.

32.  Finding new 1-D, 2-D, and 3--D values from a 1-D ratio.

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