Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr
Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr

WEDNESday 9/19

1st period -
I see they didn't get anything done on Unit 4 of VMath on Monday.
So we'll start today with VMath Unit 2 Lesson 4.  I assigned it electronically so it will show up when you get into VMath.
Workbook p.75 & 76.  They need to draw the pictures and show their work.  
 - page 75 is basic as long as they read the formulas at the top and use them.  They also need to count squares to get the radius and such.
 - page 76 is weird for them.  They are setting up the equation and solving it.  They will need help and will need to work together.
   Here is the equation they will set up on #1 -> (1/2) ? 5 = 10.  So they should divide by 5 on both sides.  That gives (1/2) x = 2.  Half of 4 is 2 so the answer is that base = 2.  They are solving an equation, not just computing an answer.


6th period -
Go to the TRANSMATH website.  Go to the EBook on-line book.  Do all activities on page 210.  Write problem and show work (when possible).
Go to my website YAHRRRR.com.  Go to MATH STUDIES.  Use the LINK at the top for 6th period 9/19.  Write down how to convert 7/4 and 11/4 and 10/3 to a mixed fraction.  Just looking at going from improper fraction to mixed fraction.  
Do VMATH Unit 3 lesson 6 on mixed fractions to improper fractions.


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