Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr
Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr

Spanish Fort - SAT 4/8



Varsity or JV


Entries so far...

GIRLS - Erin, Harper
BOYS - Riley, Judson, Hudson, Collin H, Zack, Starr, Jake, Chad, Cody, Evan, Nick M, Jared
Leave FHS 11:15am.  Field events begin at 1pm.  Running begins at 1:30pm.
SPECTATOR FEE: $5 per individual to enter track meet.

AWARDS: Trophies will be given to the championship teams in each gender.

CONCESSIONS: Concessions will be available, in a limited capacity. 

Opening Heights:

Pole vault Girls: 6'00"

Pole vault boys: 8'00"

High jump Girls: 4'2"
High jump Boys: 5'2"

Minimum Marks:

Boys shot: 35'00"

Girls shot: 25'00"

Boys discus: 80'00"

Girls Discus: 60'00"

Boys Javelin: 100'00"

Girls javelin: 60'00"

Boys long jump: 17'6"

Girls long jump: 13'6"

Boys triple jump: 35'00"
Girls triple jump: 25'00"

4 Must throw beyond minimum marks to get measured. Throws will be 2 and 1. No Finals
1:00pm Field Events Start
Girls PV followed by Boys
Girls Long Jump followed by Boys
Girls Javelin followed by Boys
Boys Shot Put followed by Girls
Boys High Jump followed by Girls
Following the completion of the Javelin
Boys Discus followed by Girls
After Long Jump will be:
Girls Triple Jump followed by boys
We will use Open Pit format to expedite 
the throws and Horizontal Jumps.

TRACK EVENT ROLLING SCHEDULE…. (Girls followed by boys in all running events)
1600m Run G, B
100/110 Hurdles G,B 
100m G,B
4x800 G,B
4 x 100 Relay G, B
400m G, B
300m Hurdles G, B
800 G, B
200 G, B
4 x 400 Relay G, B





Mon 12/11 - 6th

Tue 12/12 - 3rd & 7th

Wed 12/13 - 5th & 8th

Thu 12/14 - 1st & 2nd

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