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Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr

St Paul's Relays - Sat 3/10

26th Annual St. Paul's Relays: Fairhope Entries

HS Boys 4x200 Meter Relay -Relay Team A
0) Jason Stallings  0) Emerson Fritz  0) John Lee  0) Zachary Petrie  
HS Boys 4x400 Meter Relay -Relay Team A
0) Judson Braly  0) Jared Touart  0) Collin Harris  0) Zachary Petrie  
HS Boys 4x800 Meter Relay -Relay Team A
0) Zack Hatfield  0) Saxon Kilpatrick  0) Cody Mooney  0) John Pyle  0) Jason Stallings  0) Jared Touart  0) Zachary Petrie  
HS Boys Distance Medley Relay -Relay Team A
0) Zack Hatfield  0) Saxon Kilpatrick  0) Cody Mooney  0) John Pyle  0) Jared Touart  0) Collin Harris  

HS Boys 110 Meter Hurdles (39) -Judson Braly

HS Boys 300 Meter Hurdles (36) -Judson Braly43.93 -Emerson Fritz -Collin Harris

HS Boys 1600 Meter Run -Zack Hatfield5:04.03 -Saxon Kilpatrick4:46.89 -Cody Mooney5:04.91 -John Pyle5:00.12 -Jared Touart4:22.65

HS Boys Discus -Nick Morgan127-0 -Andrew Brewer90-0 -Ricky McCants75-0

HS Boys High Jump -Emerson Fritz5-6 -Zachary Petrie

HS Boys Javelin -Andrew Brewer97-6 -John Lee87-10 -Ricky McCants45-4

HS Boys Pole Vault -Jason Stallings11-2

HS Boys Shot Put -Emerson Fritz26-7.25 -Nick Morgan46-0

HS Girls 4x400 Meter Relay -Relay Team A

0) Brooke DuPlantier  0) Tyra Buchanan  0) Lexie Williams  0) Audrey Clark  

HS Girls Sprint Medley Relay -Relay Team A

0) Tyra Buchanan  0) Anna Kathryn Robitaille  0) Annalyn Duke  0) Abigayle Lety

HS Girls Distance Medley Relay -Relay Team A

0) Audrey Clark  0) Lexie Williams  0) Erin Casolaro  0) Brooke DuPlantier  

HS Girls 100 Meter Hurdles (33) -Annalyn Duke

HS Girls 300 Meter Hurdles (30) -Savannah Morgan

HS Girls 1600 Meter Run -Audrey Clark5:57.42 -Lexie Williams5:29.45 -Erin Casolaro5:55.57 -Brooke DuPlantier5:50

HS Girls Discus -Gabrielle Stallings75-11 -Alicia Coleman46-10

HS Girls Javelin -Erin Casolaro69-4

HS Girls Long Jump -Abigayle Lety13-1.75 -Anna Kathryn Robitaille12-9.5 - Savannah Morgan

HS Girls Pole Vault -Savannah Morgan11-0

HS Girls Shot Put -Gabrielle Stallings22-10.25 -Alicia Coleman21-6

HS Girls Triple Jump -Abigayle Lety

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