Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr
Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr

THURSDAY 10/3/19

Information is people.  Information is packages.  Information is products.  Information isn't just numbers.  Watched a VIDEO about UPS and all the information they must deal with getting packages from one place to another quickly.


Practiced getting data sorted and averaged for next week's test.


Practiced working with spreadsheet equations for next week's test.


1.  Start each equation with an = sign.

2.  For exponents use shift 6 ^.

3.  For multiplication use shift 8 *.  REMEMBER to include implied multiplication.

4.  With larger division problems use parentheses for the numerator and denominator.

Use the data below in Google Sheets to find the indicated values.  The first answer is given to make sure you are heading the right direction.


Average Unit Cost for Sales Rep Kivell = 43.48


Average Number of Units for the West Region = 38.5


Average Total Sales for Desks = 566.67


Average Total Sales for Sales Rep Morgan = 462.59

Contexture Data Set
INFO contexture sales.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [10.6 KB]
Spreadsheet #1 D3=G5^3
spreadsheet A 1.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [22.1 KB]
Spreadsheet #8 C3=C6^2+4*C6-7
spreadsheet A 8.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [27.2 KB]
Spreadsheet #10 E7=(-7*D4*G2)/(4*B6)
spreadsheet A 10.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [26.1 KB]
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