Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr
Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr

THURSday 11/7/19

2nd - Veteran's Day.  No assignment.

3rd - Junior Achievement "Be Entrepreneurial" - No make-up work.

5th - Discussed the storm drain and sewage problem in Fairhope.

Absent 5th period? 

1.  Write the 5 ways to help keep our waterways clean by not dumping into storm drains given by http://www.stormwater.allianceforthebay.org. below in KEEPING STORM DRAINS CLEAR.

2.  Write a paragraph explaining the sewage problem in Fairhope and what is being done about it from THIS LINK.

Keeping Storm Drains Clear

  • Lawn Debris– Materials such as grass and tree clippings should never be swept into a storm drain or onto a street, they provide excess nutrients and promote unnecessary algae growth which, in turn, can cause severe negative impacts to the rest of stream ecosystems.
  • Pick up After Your Pets– Rain washes parasites and bacteria from pet waste into local waterways and also unbalances nutrient loads. This poses harm to those who use the waterway for recreational use and also degrades stream ecosystems.
  • Sweep Pesticides and Fertilizer off of hard surfaces and onto your lawn– These applications will be streamlined to local water bodies if left on patios, driveways, or other impervious surfaces.
  • Wash Vehicles on Lawn– Washing vehicles on a grassy surface allows the dirty and soapy water to be absorbed by plants and soil, filtering the water and preventing it from washing into a storm drain.
  • Properly Dispose of Chemicals– Some things like motor oil and batteries can be recycled. Other products that should be brought to a facility for proper disposal include paint, herbicides, pesticides, and swimming pool chemicals. Be careful to clean up after any spills and avoid allowing any chemicals to reach the storm drains.


December 16th and 17th  electives will test.

December 18th  core classes will test in periods 1, 3, 5, and 7

December 19th  core classes will test in periods 2, 4, 6

December 20th  Make-up Exams:  Students who do not have a make-up exam will be excused if they bring in a parent note requesting they be excused for that Friday.

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