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Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr

Thursday 9/19/19


Here is the LINK to youth OSHA information.


Follow this LINK to the forms page.

1.  “T” – Treasury Department Forms – Savings Bond Forms – Savings Bonds – Redemption Table for Seried E, EE, and I. 

  a)  You have a $50 EE series bond issued May 1992 and decide to cash it out in Nov 2019.  How much will it be worth?

  b)  You have a $50 I series bond issued Aug 2000 and decide to cash it out in Sep 2019.  How much will it be worth?


2.  “N” – Nuclear Regulatory Commission Forms – Form 5 Occupational Dose Record for a Monitoring Period – What does a “G” mean in box 10C?


3.  “E” – Environmental Management Forms – DOE P 205.1 – Departmental Cyber Security Management Policy       

  a) What is the 4th core function?

  b)  Who is the Secretary of Energy?


4.  “S” – Small Business Administration – search for form 1366

  a)  You must submit receipts for amounts exceeding what amount?

  b)  How long do you have to return funds received but not used for disaster repair?


TEST next Tuesday 9/24. 

1.  Know the 4 pieces of information about City Council (see WED 9/18 tab).

2.  Be prepared to find information about government forms like you did 9/18 and 9/19.

3.  Know the following information about Child Labor Laws:

    a. How many hours per day can 14-15 year olds work on a school day/school week?  ANSWER:  3hrs

    b.  What time must 16-18 year olds be done with work when the next day is a school day?  ANSWER:  10:00pm

    c.  The youth minimum wage applies to those less than 20 years of age.  What can an employer pay a youth per hour and for how many calendar days may they pay the youth wage?  ANSWER:  youth minimum wage is $4.25 and the employer can pay $4.25 for 90 calendar days.

    d.  Name 2 jobs anyone under 18 can not do because the jobs are too hazardous.  ANSWER:  Any two from the following list:

Below is a list of occupations banned for persons under the age of 18:

  1. Manufacturing or storing of explosives;
  2. Driving a motor vehicle or working as an outside helper on motor vehicles (More information on Hazardous Occupation #2, driving on the job and Distracted Driving);
  3. Coal mining;
  4. Forest fire fighting and forest fire prevention, timber tract, forestry service, and occupations in logging and sawmilling;
  5. Using power-driven woodworking machines (More information on woodworking);
  6. Exposure to radioactive substances and ionizing radiation;
  7. Using power-driven hoisting apparatus;
  8. Using power-driven metal-forming, punching and shearing machines;
  9. Mining, other than coal;
  10. Using power-driven meat-processing machines, slaughtering, meat and poultry packing, processing, or rendering;
  11. Using power-driven bakery machines;
  12. Using balers, compactors, and power-driven paper-products machines (More information on using balers, compactors, and paper-products machines);
  13. Manufacturing brick, tile, and related products;
  14. Using power-driven circular saws, band saws, guillotine shears, chain saws, reciprocating saws, wood chippers, and abrasive cutting discs (More information on power tools);
  15. Working in wrecking, demolition, and ship-breaking operations;
  16. Roofing and work performed on or about a roof (More information on roofing);
  17. Trenching or excavating.


December 16th and 17th  electives will test.

December 18th  core classes will test in periods 1, 3, 5, and 7

December 19th  core classes will test in periods 2, 4, 6

December 20th  Make-up Exams:  Students who do not have a make-up exam will be excused if they bring in a parent note requesting they be excused for that Friday.

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