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WeDnEsDaY 12/18/19

Here's a strategy for acing your next job interview: don't answer the questions that you are asked. Instead answer the real reason that the employer is asking the question.

Decoding the secret language of employers can help you deliver the right answers that will convert more interviews into actual job offers. Here is a translation of what they really mean by the things that they say.


Write the question, read the "don't tell them..." and then write what you think the real quesition is (what the employer really wants to hear or the question you are really answering).


1. Please, tell me a little about yourself...

Don't tell them about yourself. They don't actually want to know about you personally.

The real question: ???


2. So, why are you interested in this particular role?

Don't tell them what's in it for you and how it would improve your quality of life to be hired for it.

The real question: ???


3. What would you say is your biggest weakness?

Don't tell them your actual weaknesses. This isn't a confessional or a therapy session.

The real question: ???


4. If I asked your current manager to describe you, what would they say?

Don't reply that she would say you're five feet, 11 inches tall with brown hair. They don't want to know how your manager would "describe" you.

The real question: ???


5. Why should I hire you?

Don't tell them they should hire you because they need someone to do the job -- or because you need the job. (Apparently many people say this.)

The real question: ???


6. If you were an animal, which one would you be?

Do name an animal. It feels silly, but you have to name an animal. However, that's not the real question.

The real question: ???


7. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Don't tell them where you see yourself in five years. They do not want to hear about your grandiose plans for high office or superstardom. (You and I know you'll get there.)

The real question: ???


8. Do you have any questions for me?

Don't ask the questions you really want to know: How much does it pay, when you can take vacation time, are the hours flexible?

The real question: ???


Remember, even when it seems like employers are asking about you, it's not about you. A job interview is a business meeting in which you are pitching a service to a potential client. Your answers must always be themed: Here's what I can do for you.  From the HUFFINGTON POST.


EVERFI - Keys to Your Future - STARTING YOUR CAREER - Lesson 5.

1.  What did Tanya do first? (in May)

2.  What did the career center tell Tanya to do to improve her chances to get an interview? (in May - two things)

3.  What types of jobs did Tanya's uncle suggest she apply for? (in July - two types of jobs)

4.  What were 3 things Tanya was told by the companies she interviewed with that might improve her chances next time? (in September)


Research a company you like to hire you.  Write one sentence for each of the following:

1.  What the company does that excites you.

2.  Why what the company does that you listed in #1 excites you.

3.  What skills you have that connect with or would be beneficial for your answer to #1 (would help you perform the task that excited you in your answer to #1 above).

Using GOOGLE MEET.  Learning how to video conference.


December 16th and 17th  electives will test.

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December 19th  core classes will test in periods 2, 4, 6

December 20th  Make-up Exams:  Students who do not have a make-up exam will be excused if they bring in a parent note requesting they be excused for that Friday.

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