Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr
Fairhope High School - Mr. Tim Yahr

FRIDAY 11/22/19

Here is the LINK TO THANKSGIVING project.


Then go to FILE and click MAKE A COPY.  Put your name in the title of your copy and share it with me (TYAHR@ibaldwin.org).


To make it bigger choose VIEW at the top left and then ZOOM.


1.  Give a title to your "feasting plan".

2.  GUEST LIST:  You must list a total of 10 people (List ADULTS and also list CHILDREN).   You can pretend famous people are at your feast.

3.  When it leaves space for "EQUATION" then you need to show your work - the math you did in your head or the math you did on your calculator.

4.  You will need to flip back and forth between pages 3, 4, 5 (all of the FIXINS FOR A FEAST pages) as you complete pages 4 and 5.  Page 3 does not need anything filled in - it is just information for the other work.

5.  You need to choose at least 6 fixins to calculate on pages 4 & 5.

6.  STOP after you complete page 5.  So just do pages 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.


December 16th and 17th  electives will test.

December 18th  core classes will test in periods 1, 3, 5, and 7

December 19th  core classes will test in periods 2, 4, 6

December 20th  Make-up Exams:  Students who do not have a make-up exam will be excused if they bring in a parent note requesting they be excused for that Friday.

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Note:  You must log in twice each time you access information.

1st log in -- username   homeuser

                 password    homeuser1

2nd log in -- 

username and password that is provided on your student's INow Home Portal Login Slip - contact the school office in person for your username and password.

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